Webmention feed and display on web is goofing

Moving this post to the help center

@help My settings say I have 11 webmentions, but that page only shows one. Maybe a Ruby error?

jarrod https://micro.blog/jarrod/35831076

Also, I doubt I’m supposed to get 16 copies of the same webmention in the feed. :upside_down_face:

You absolutely can see repeat mentions from the same post. Depending on who set up sending them, they’re not necessarily idempotent. Certain systems, if a post is edited someway, will not only resend but have different identifiers. That could also explain the # discrepancy. One can be the amount of inbound and showing anything that’s inbound. The other may have Manton attempting to process to not have a repeat webmention seem new.

Ah, good to know. Thanks!