Video Questions

I’m having problems creating a video post. I am trying to write a post with video and images. And arrange them on the page in a way I like. I’m trying this in both the web interface and the Mac app.

Ideally, I want to upload a video, copy the HTML and choose my own thumbnail. But I just can’t seem to do this without losing the upload. I’d like to save a draft as well, without losing it.

  • When I upload a video in the Uploads page, it uploads a thumbnail (the first frame I think) only, and no video.

  • If I upload a video when creating a post and publish it immediately, it does successfully create a video post, and the video can then be found in the Uploads page. But when uploading, the progress bar doesn’t seem to complete, it’s stuck at 100%. And I don’t get a thumb of the media, like with photos. I’m just publishing it blind (the preview button doesn’t show me the video either).

  • The video I’m uploading is a 1080p mp4, 47MB and pretty good quality with text, and graphics. But is converting it to a 50MB file at 360p that looks really awful. It seems better to embed a YouTube video in this case, but I would rather have the original file hosted on as I have found a suitable compression that works for the video.

Is there a problem with video uploads? Can I force to leave my video alone if it’s under the 75MB limit?

Thanks :slight_smile: does additionally compress the video a lot so if you prefer higher quality, you are better off embedding a video.

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Thank you. I’ve read somewhere on here that It’s being considered to display original video files that meet the file size requirement.

Yes, we should avoid processing the video if the size is already under the limit. I had planned to make that change but it dropped off my radar. I’ll revisit it, thanks!

Also as I’m thinking about this, there is a sort of hacky work-around you could do in the meantime: rename the file with a different file extension, like “myvideo.pdf”, and upload that under Uploads. Then click on the upload and rename it back to “.mp4” or whatever it was.

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Thank you @manton I’ll try that hack now. I’d appreciate being able to upload original videos as it’s one of the main reasons I chose the premium plan. Thanks

I got it working just fine. Thanks!