Verifying tokens

Most API calls require an auth token to identity the signed-in user. There are a few forms of authentication to get a token. For the email sign-in authentication, primarily used for native mobile apps, you will be passed a temporary sign-in token that must be verified before it can be used in other API calls.

Send the temporary sign-in token in a form-encoded POST:

POST /account/verify


The response will include a new token that you should store in your app:

      "token": "HIJKLMNOP",
      "name": "Manton Reece",
      "username": "manton",
      "avatar": "",
      "default_site": ""

If there was an error:

	"error": "App token was not valid."

The /account/verify API call can also be used to verify an existing, permanent token you have in your app.

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