Verifying sites under same account with Mastodon

I have two websites on under the same account - one is my blog, another a podcast (on hiatus). I also have a Mastodon site through and I was trying to verify the two websites for my Mastodon profile. I dropped some verification code (as suggest by Mastodon/ into the footer of my main website, and Mastodon verifies that site. I then dropped the same code into the footer of the podcast site and Mastodon will not verify it. I even changed the code slightly, but no luck. Might this be because both sites are under the same account?

I had a delay in verifying a Wordpress blog, so it may have nothing to do your account situation here. I don’t know what handle to jiggle to make that verification happen though.

Try this:

  • Remove the link from the Mastodon profile and save.
  • Add the code to your website
  • Now re-add the link to the Mastodon profile.