Verified link on the fediverse account

Hey all!

Am I missing something here or is this not possible? I want my link to show verified when someone searches my name via Mastodon.

I want my site link to also show verified on the fediverse profile side. I do use a custom domain:

Below screenshot shows some of my old mastodon accounts with the verification working. Is a nice trust signal when folks are searching.

Thanks in advance!

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I don’t think it is currently possible, right @manton ?

This is a strange one because it should be possible, but I think there is something unusual with caching on the Mastodon side, where Mastodon does not re-check a blog for whether it’s verified.

However, it does require a little set up first. The easiest way is to install the “Meta tags” plug-in on and then enter something like the following:

<link rel="me" href="">

If Mastodon doesn’t notice the change soon, you can also try clicking in → Account → Update Settings, which will tell Mastodon that you’ve made a change to your profile.

Sorry, I think I totally misunderstood your question! Apologies. My instructions were for making sure a web site on another Mastodon account is verified.

For Mastodon showing a fediverse account hosted on… Yeah, I don’t know why that doesn’t just work on Mastodon by default. We may need to dig into this more.

Thanks all for the follow up! For sure not high priority @manton but would be nice to see in the future