Username change

If I want to change my username, will it remove anyone who’s following me?

Nope. However, last time I checked there is no redirect in existing conversations. Instead, your replies remain but your attached @-name becomes plain text.

On the blog side of things (for websites), your old username remains in the URL ( but Manton can change that via request by email:

For custom domains, nothing changes.


Thanks Simon, much appreciated! My domain will be custom so there’s no worry there.

how did the username change go @pimoore : I’m changing mine this weekend?
Any tips?

surely you have to direct CNAME to the new ?

urgent: @manton confirming have changed to warner, so have emailed to request blog changed to Please action this ASAP, as I’ve set custom domain CNAME to that domain!

Oh good call. I don’t know.

I don’t recall having any issues at the time, though I didn’t have to deal with a CNAME change as I brought my custom domain over after I’d already modified my username on MB.

@warner I’ll get this updated and reply to your email, but actually the CNAME will work right away even before the change. will be able to serve the correct domain name as long as the CNAME is pointed to any username, since it uses the domain the user typed in their browser. Thanks!

yup: new custom domain is already correctly resolving, even while is not. Don’t fully understand that tech, but it seems that you need to point CNAME to , so maybe safest permanent one would be XD

That’s such a good feature. The less we have to think about the details of DNS, the better.