Use use my domain name on Mastodon

I added my domain to ActivityPub via <> and migrated my following from so I can read my following on

Now I’d like to create as a Mastodon ID, or do I? My son subscribed to my from his Mastodon account, but I’m not sure what that means. If I mark: “cross-post (from my site) to Mastodon,” where would he read my mastodon posts. On my website at Or would I have to create a new Mastodon ID:, and how could I do that? (I’m beginning to feel sorry for @manton re Mastodon vs but I guess that’s the territory.)

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I think the answer here, if I understand you, is there is no step 2. People can follow your activitypub feed — there’s no “cross posting” with your ActivityPub compatible username /feed. Cross posting is when your content from one account/feed is being copied elsewhere. With ActivityPub compatible user names on, anyone using a service that can follow and ActivityPub feed can follow you directly, and when they reply to you, you’ll just see it in

This is an area I am also very confused about. I have my own mastodon instance and my user name is, and I cross-post there from here, but I’m not sure I even need that instance if people could follow my username. I don’t want to stomp on gebloom’s question, but I think ideally people would follow me only on and I wouldn’t need the Mastodon instance. Is is possible to change my activitypub username and the migrate followers from my mastodon instance to

If you’re ok with losing Mastodon features (likes, boosts, content warnings, etc) then yes-- they can just follow your blog at your domain directly, they can reply to you and you’ll see it on MB, and you can follow their posts and reply to them here as well.

Thanks, I think I figured it out. I have made the switch since I don’t really need the Mastodon features.

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It’s working for me, just as @jsonbecker described.