Use own Mastodon account


I am need help for the Mastodon stuff. I have already a Mastodon account. And add this account to the cross-posting configuration on account page. This works fine.

What about the mastodon configuration. I am not sure that I’ve understood what is this about. What are the advantages with this. Can anyone clearify this for me?

Thanks a lot

The Mastodon-compatible setting allows someone on Mastodon to follow your account directly, without you needing to ever sign in to Mastodon itself. In fact, there is no “real” Mastodon account to sign into. It’s just Replies go back and forth between the platforms.

It’s a personal preference how you want to use this.

For me, I don’t use Mastodon and instead just post to my blog. Mastodon people can follow me and I can follow them. All good.

For other people, they might like having a separate Mastodon account, so the cross-posting from to Mastodon is a good way to post to both services at the same time. For them, they can even disable the Mastodon-compatible username in if they really won’t use it.

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I have both a Mastodon account and a microblog account. People follow me on both. At times I have had cross-posting switched on to my Mastodon account. Currently, I just post to, and, if the post is short, I then re-blog it from my Mastodon account. posts are limited to 300 characters on Mastodon. So if a post of mine is 300 to 500 characters, often I will post it manually to Mastodon.

This is all less complicated than it sounds.

The fediverse is changing rapidly, so I figure whatever I do now is temporary.

PS: I dictated this message with Siri, which typed fediverse as “feta verse,” which I quite like.

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Hi Manton, I’m posting on this old thread because I figure it’s somewhat related -

But is there a way to have post to an already existing Mastodon account? I have several hundred followers on my account, but there seems to be no easy way to integrate that already existing presence with By only being able to cross-post to a generated Mastodon feed, that seems to me, if I understand the process correctly, to be nearly just as much of a silo’d experience as forgoing Mastodon altogether? It doesn’t solve the problem of sharing my content with my followers, I would still have to grab a link and do it manually, or set up a service with a.gupp.e to sync my two accounts (though that would require I direct people to follow that account as well anyways.)

Will there ever be a way to cross-post to any linked account in the way that most other cross-posting services work, like the way Wordpress used to post to one’s Twitter?

I’m not Manton but maybe I can be helpful. I’m pretty sure you can already do that.


Instructions are focused on Twitter, but the same procedure applies to Mastodon, with the chief exception being that the Mastodon character limit is 500 rather than 280.

Additional background:

Oh fantastic! I’ll take a closer look after work. Thanks for explaining.

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