Use my Micro.Blog Domain with

Hi y’all! I’m looking at setting up a hosted mastodon instance through, and I’d like it to be the same as the domain name I use for my microblog. ( and I don’t want it to be on a subdomain.

They have instructions on how to do this on this page, but I’m not sure how to implement. Can I do this via some kind of plugin?

Any ideas or help appreciated as I’d like to keep my mastodon name pretty simple. Ultimately having something like (as opposed to the inferior

Does that make sense?

According to that page you can set up a redirect. I haven’t tested this with Mastodon, but if that’s true, it should be as simple as going into → Pages → New Redirect and creating a redirect from:



Let us know if that works!

Sweet. Thank you Manton! I’ll report back.

It looks like the challenge is having the query parameters pass through.

Is there a plugin that allows one to address something like these rewrite rules?

That’s interesting. No plug-in can do this, but I don’t see why we couldn’t preserve URL parameters on the redirect automatically. I’ll start by preserving resource and if it works well we can expand it.