Uploading photos in bulk

How can I import multiple photos at once?

Also, two feature requests:

  • Photo upload in the edit post interface
  • a drag and drop file upload


Here’s a shortcut I made to do bulk uploads: Bulk MB Image Uploader Shortcut - HeyDingus

Hope that helps!

+1 to Jarrod’s shortcut. If you are the app type, Sam Grover’s Mimi Uploader (only iOS) is great, too, for bulk photo uploads

These are good options. For drag and drop, Micro.blog for macOS also supports dragging into the new post window or Uploads section. (We want to add drag and drop on the web later.)

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Unfortunately I use Linux. Is Micro.blog open source?

From what I know it’s based on Hugo, which is open source, maybe others can fill in the details. Great to see other fellow Linux-users here! :slightly_smiling_face: