Upgrading to premium payment process

I’m curious about the process in upgrading to Premium from Basic and why I’m required to re-enter all the info that is already being used to process my Basic plan.

Is there some requirement from this via the payment processor? Or something to do with EU laws or something else I’m missing? I just don’t quite understand why what I’m already using can’t carry over, and worried that I may enter something differently okay, that’s probably silly in retrospect. I’m just curious as to the mechanism and how that reflects the existing subscription, since this feels less like an “upgrade” and more like a new subscription.

Any info appreciated.

Sorry, no, this is my fault and not a great user interface. We used to show the current payment info that is on file, which made it a lot easier to just click upgrade and be done. In order to simplify the different ways to get to this screen, we now prompt for payment info again and add it as the default payment method for your account.

This was not intended to be a long-term user interface. I’ll work on fixing it. And if you don’t want to enter payment info again, feel free to reach out via email and I can manually upgrade your account to Micro.blog Premium.

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Ahh thanks, Manton. I will follow up with you via email!

Apologies to come back to this, but since the recent plan updates, am I right in understanding this is more straight forward via the Plan UI now? ie I don’t have to re-enter everything to update/upgrade?

That’s right! That was one of the goals with this change, to make upgrading and downgrading much simpler. No need to enter payment information again. Just click Plans, select the plan, and you should be good.

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