Updating Github theme

I’d like to use the Tiny Theme on my site. How can I use that, and customize files, while also retaining the ability to update when the source theme is updated?

I know how to install it as a plug-in or create a custom theme using the above GitHub link. What I am unclear on is how to manage updates and customization…

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There are much more theme savvy folk than I, but I believe there’s now an option for updating themes installed as plugins as long as there’s a GitHub url set, so I’m hoping if you follow the theme installation guidelines you should be good.

Hmm. OK…and does this overwrite local customizations when editing theme files? I assume yes? I guess it might make the most sense to fork the theme on GitHub, use that as my custom theme, and then bring the changes in there.

No, it does not touch custom files. Micro.blog essentially has a build-order resolution where your custom stuff is used first or is merged with the underlying files with a preference for your custom settings.

However, the risk is always that your customizations might break when you update your underlying theme so be on the look out.

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I would also download your full theme and files before making these changes anyway just in case.


Thanks. I believe that makes sense, but I’m sure I’ll have questions soon enough :slight_smile: