Untappd Check-ins

So I’ve been looking at a way to grab my check-ins from Untappd and post them to my hosted micro.blog. on https://joshda.wson.me

There a few solutions that may work for you that didn’t for me so I will list them here and potentially save you a lot of time!

  1. Zapier - It has a native Untappd integration you can just go ahead and piece together (as described here by @khurtwilliams)

  2. Using the RSS feed with IFTTT. Untappd spits out an RSS feed of your check-ins that you can poll with IFTTT and push into your blog. This is very nearly enough but the images that the RSS feed includes are only 200x200, whilst my theme has full-width images. That meant they came out awfully blurry:

What I’ve wound up doing is hosting a hacky script that takes the RSS feed, checks whether the latest post has already been posted to micro.blog or not. If not, it replaces some of the strings (crucially ‘200x200’ to ‘raw’ for the image size) and punts it off to micro.blog. The result is nicely sized images!

A programmer I am not but this was pretty simple. Hooked into a crontab it should catch every beer I’m enjoying quite nicely! Let me know if you would like to see some source code. I can get this up into Github.


We have tracked this for a while and thought about adding Brid.gy integration.

https://github.com/snarfed/bridgy/issues/863 you may want to cross-post there.

This is awesome nice job…if you add the same emoji to your untappd post you can create a “emoji tag” in micro.blog