Unique index/landing page possible?

Is it possible to create a customized landing page that has may have slightly different CSS for the header?

I was seeing how feasible it is to have micro.blog as more a landing/about page instead of being hit with a list of posts. I’m able to almost do what I want https://linh-test.micro.blog/
Just trying to find a way to center that info, but only on the index.

I thought modifying layouts/index.html would be it, but that seems to be only content after the header. Any suggestions or is this just not doable? Thanks!

It is possible. Your index page has {{ define main }} probably on top. That’s because it’s filling in a specific part of the baseof template. You can paste that template into your index and remove the define main part to skip the baseof template and edit it on that page directly.

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thanks for the explanation!