Understanding the base template

I’m trying to get a better understanding of micro.blog theming by taking apart to base template that all themes sit on top of. Why do we have copies of list.archivehtml.html and list.photoshtml.html in _default?


I understand that as I make a new theme, the things I don’t use get ignored.

Those are default themes that will be fallen back to if you generate an Archive and Photo page-- Micro.blog has special treatment for those when you add them in the Pages part of the application. See where it says “new archive page” and “new photos page”? If you generate those, they will use that template.

Both templates can be overridden by creating the same files in your custom theme, if you’d like.

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I get what they are for, but I’m curious on why there is a copy in layouts and in _default.

We had to move the templates to _default, but because they used to be in layouts for so long, it still keeps those around too for compatibility with older themes. Eventually we can phase out the layouts copy of those templates. Micro.blog should automatically copy them to _default if you have a theme that hasn’t been updated for the new location yet.


Thank you.