Unable to see the Conversation option on posts

I have enabled the Conversation option on posts in the Design settings. However, when I visit posts on my site jrr.digital I am unable to see the option for conversation on microblog that is to be appearing there.

Am I missing something?

The Include conversation on post page setting is for showing all the replies to a post inline. If you want a link to the Micro.blog timeline, you should install my plug-in Conversation on Micro.blog. (That link will only work when you’re signed in to Micro.blog.)

Ah, I get it now. Thanks @sod for the explanation and the wondering plug-in :pray:

@sod If I want to use Font Awesome icons for the “Reply to email” or “Conversation on Micro.blog” buttons, how should I do it when using your plugins?

Oh, great question. It’s not something I’ve done myself, so I’m afraid I don’t know. You have to follow Font Awesome’s instructions and apply them to a Micro.blog (Hugo) context. It might be worth asking around here and on the Micro.blog timeline to see if anyone has already done this.

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Once you install the plugin, search for the icon you need at the Font Awesome site. Click on the icon and then you get the HTML code. Just add that wherever you want it (i.e., in front of the code for “Conversation on Micro.blog”) in your custom template.

@pratik I have done that for the “Reply on mastodon” link. However for Reply by email and microblog, I am using the plugins by Sven. Because of which the templates /partials/conversation-link.html are under that plugin and not under my custom template. I am unsure of how to edit that template, without customising the plugin as well.

If I do what you have suggested for my theme (Paper), the icon is placed outside the boundary of the element.

The current emojis associated with Reply by Email and Reply on Micro.blog are set in the settings for those plugins. You may have to remove them. You may need to figure out where the element begins so that you put the Font Awesome code within it.

I’m not sure if we can add the Font Awesome icon within @sod’s plugin settings. That would be more convenient.

I haven’t looked at the code, but it would be cool if the plug-in could detect if Font Awesome is installed and automatically use it for the Micro.blog icon.

I’ll add support for this in one way or another. Let me think about it. :blush:

There’s an issue on GitHub for anyone who wants to follow along. I’ll add one for my other plug-in, Reply by email, as well.

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@jrr, both plug-ins, Reply by email (version 1.3.0) and Conversation on Micro.blog (1.1.0), now support HTML in link texts. Like this, for example:

So make sure you’re on the latest plug-in versions (as shown above) and then add the HTML needed for the icons you want. I just released these, so it can take a while before you see the Upgrade button to upgrade to the latest version. If you’re impatient, uninstall the plug-ins and install them again to get the latest versions right away. (You will lose plug-in settings.)

:warning: Attention: There’s currently a bug in Micro.blog that won’t escape HTML correctly on the settings page. So, if you revisit the plug-in settings after you’ve added the Font Awesome icon HTML, it will look a little weird. Like this:

If you stumble upon that and want to change some settings, make sure to re-enter the link text so that it looks okay again. (In the screenshot above, one should remove <i class= from the text field and add back the complete link text.)

Update: this bug is now fixed. Thanks, Manton!

This bug with the fields is fixed now. Thanks @sod!

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Thanks for a quick fix!

Thanks @sod and @manton for the quick updates! I have updated by blog with these updates :heart_eyes:

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