Typo in documentation for Recommendations, related question

On the Recommendations page on the Micro.blog Help Center there is a small typo where the path to the OPML file is shared. The actual rendered path is correct, but if someone (ahem, me) were to copy/paste that to put elsewhere it results in a 404 because the dot needs to be on the “.well-known” but it currently shows it before the slash. I replied on the News account, but I don’t know how often replies on posts for that account get looked at.

I also have a question about the field for “About” (What do you like about the site? (optional)). I am using that field to add the RSS feed for the recommendation, but it appears to be squashed, and I don’t actually see it being output. Is that due to URLs not being allowed in the field, only plain text? I suppose I can look into the output in a template, I just haven’t gotten around to that.

Good catch, thanks! I’m fixing the documentation now.

For the “about” field, we’re currently not showing it anywhere. I’m planning to update the shortcode tomorrow with a new option to also include this field. I also think we need more options for whether to show the domain name. (I personally like it, but maybe not everyone does.)