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Hello, everytime I create a post with a link, I can see two links on Twitter and Linkedin. I don’t have any issues seeing my link changed with or but it’s very annoying to see two links. Is anything I can do?.

I post the following on my micro blog

Test post: Testing

I got:


Twitter: Very similar (As a new user I can put only one image)

Twitter result:

Hi Claudio, I see what you mean. I tested it myself. I think the issue is that Twitter turns URLs into links and they take the embedded link and make it visible as a link as well. That’s an issue when a name is also a URL, and I don’t see a way to avoid it, unless you intentionally break the name with an extra space before or after the “dot.” If I cross-post to Twitter and the post has a markdown link applied to some text that doesn’t include a URL, it works as expected, with the link appearing after the text. PS. Welcome to!

Thank you so much Jean, I was able to crosspost the way I wanted on Twitter but it didn’t work for LinkedIn. Is any way to make the post compatible for both platforms?

Not sure I’m seeing any problems with the LinkedIn post, can you please clarify?

By the way, if you want to type without turning it into a link, you can use alternative UFT characters that look like a dot

Here is it “․”

Sorry if it wasn’t clear. Linkedin (like Twitter) can show a preview of the link. In this case, it worked for Twitter but not for Linkedin.

I think you need to look into the Open Graph and Twitter Card implementation.

Here’s LinkedIn Link Inspector and how it sees your blog post:
Post Inspector (

LinkedIn wraps all external links into their shortener, that’s not an issue. But it does seem that you don’t have any images or anything that might convince it to turn it into a card in the first place.
The same with Twitter really, which also has rich card previews.

I think that’s a more viable option, the alternative is that LinkedIn just doesn’t fully process the links posted this way, but I doubt it (it still wrapped it).

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

I do think would benefit a lot from having a default wide image that’s applied to pages that don’t have an image in their content. You can replace Hugo’s default template for OpenGraph/Twitter and use a construction like this:

<meta name='twitter:card' content="summary_large_image"/>
{{ with $.Params.image }}
<meta name='twitter:image' content="{{ . | absURL }}"/>
{{ else }}
{{ with $.Site.Params.image }}
<meta name='twitter:image'content="{{ . | absURL }}"/>
{{ end }}{{ end }}

I’d like to try it. Can you tell me when I can do it?. I think it’s on this page: but I don’t know what file should I select for it.

I’ll need to do it myself first, can post a tutorial later.

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Thank you. Actually, the only reason I created this blog is to accomplish fast cross-posting. I tried before with Zappier having the same problem.

I think @Moondeer has a plugin for that. Not sure if he is still maintaining it. No longer in the directory but can install from Github.

It looks like it’s this one: Also, there is a blog entry.

Hi, was you able to test it?

Not yet, but I certainly want to as the link to my blog itself is too basic.