Twitter cross posting

Hi there! I set up cross posting to this Twitter: – I’ve posted a microblog but it isn’t showing up on Twitter. Any ideas?

Same here! Just set up my microblog, linked my Twitter account, created a new post, waited a while for the post to reflect on Twitter, refreshed the RSS feed in the cross-posting menu, unlinked my Twitter account, relinked my Twitter account, deleted and then re-created the post. Posts are still not going through to Twitter at all despite the cross-posting settings menu reflecting that my account was linked.

I just signed up yesterday and it’s all working for me. Did you wait long enough? Alsö, it’s usually just making trouble to disconnect and reconnect repeatedly. I’d suggest just leaving it and checking after a bit. The cross-posting is quick but not immediate. (I’ve even noticed a couple of posts go out of order because I posted them in rapid succession.)

I have exactly the same problem.

Same. I don’t understand why it says Error, not found, when on the apps it says we’re linked. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong…? I just clicked on ‘Add’ and did what it said.

Yes. This exact problem is what I’m having also. I also get the Error: not found.

There doesn’t appear to actually be a blog set on your account (@SimplyPip). So when tries to download the feed, there’s nothing there and the “not found” shows up.

Is it possible that the blog was deleted somehow from the Account screen? You’ll probably need to go into the Plans screen and create a new blog from there.

If anything looks wrong, email This is definitely not normal behavior and I’m not aware of any new problems like this.

I also get the “Not Found” error but according to my plans page the blog is correct and the name is correct on the Feeds page.

Hi @ChrisU, the issue on your account should be resolved now. Sorry about that!

No worries at all. I really thought it was something I was doing wrong. Glad to see it resolved. Thank you!