TV and Movie Tracking

Hi there! A random question but one I couldn’t find in the Help Center or Welcome Guide — for TV and movie tracking, is that largely done as ad-hoc posts, or are people using third party apps to format / post those to

I assumed some people were using Trakt or Letterboxd, but wasn’t sure whether that was via share sheet or something like RSS. Thanks in advance!

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I just created a category for those and write basic posts, uploading images manually.


Depends on how frequent and how much you want to share. If you want to share every movie you see, use the RSS feature. You can choose whether you want it just on the timeline or also import it to your blog. It pulls in an accompanying image but doesn’t upload it to (I wish it did) but rather links back to the original source.

But if you use the RSS option, be judicious about how often you want to cross-post information. Too many every day and it will turn off your followers. But then it’s your blog so do whatever you think is right.

Whatever you do, don’t RSS Trakt into your and then mark an old show you used to watch as completed on Trakt, because then Trakt will mark every episode of the series as watched (good) and then it’ll shoot over every. single. episode. to your (not good) and then you feel dumb when you see what’s happened.

…or so I’ve heard.

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Something is not right with Trakt’s RSS feed. I have contacted the developer and it seems it has been developed for IFTTT but it doesn’t work as well in any RSS parser. I just wish other TV tracking services offered a RSS feed. I have not yet found one.

Thanks all! Yeah I’ve been testing the Trakt feed on my test blog and I see how it could result in way too much crossposting. Have emailed Trakt’s developer for a few issues, will report back.

I usually take the semi automated / manual route: rate in Letterboxd → use the share sheet from Letterboxd to Drafts and from there to

That way I nudge myself to take a short moment to write a short reflection or review about it.

Does someone have instructions on linking Letterboxd and I see someone said to share it and post via drafts

Most people I know are doing an RSS feed somehow.

Add the RSS feed for your Movies Watched feed (only one LetterBoxd offers) and set it to import as post to your blog.

I’ve been using the RSS feed.
I think it’s pretty cool.

Now, I’ll have to find one for TV but I might not because I don’t want to have yet another service.

The offerings are very limited here. Only Trakt seems to offer a feed and only if you are a premium subscriber ($35/yr). I don’t think it’s worth it since its feed is also not easily parsable by most feed services.

That’s a “No.” for me.

I’ll stick with writing it on my own.

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