Tumblr import not working?

I am trying to import a series of posts from an old Tumblr account. I’ve tried importing the primary ZIP file that Tumblr provides, as well as the “posts.zip” file that is nested inside it. In both cases, Micro.blog says it is processing the posts, but the content never appears. Has anyone else had luck with the Tumblr importer?

Tumblr import should work. You might get a clue of what’s going on in the logs. If not, contact help@micro.blog.

Thanks! Unfortunately there is no sign in the logs of my multiple import attempts. I will email support.

I’m looking into this. Thinking that maybe Tumblr changed something that we need to adapt for.

I also just ran into this today.

I’ve confirmed that Tumblr completely changed their export format recently, which broke Micro.blog’s import. I’m working on updating it.

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FWIW, the archive I was trying to import is three years old, and IIRC back then it imported fine into my test blog.

But I can totally re-export a new archive once you’ve got that going.