Tumblr cross-posting not working

Looks like my cross-posts aren’t going to Tumblr.

If I recall correctly, the feed page used to say it was connected to kimberlyhirsh.tumblr.com but now it says it’s connected to www.tumblr.com.

Hmm :thinking: This might have something to do with Tumblr starting to serve blogs from directories instead of subdomains.

Thanks for letting me know… Yeah, this must be because of that Tumblr change. Disappointed by this. I’ll see if I can work around it.

I would like the Tumblr issues to be resolved as well. Mine is with the inability to import from Tumblr to MB.

I tried importing posts from Tumblr today and I was told by support that there is an issue with it. I hope it is addressed soon before my trial is done otherwise not sure if I want to start from scratch and miss all those older posts which happened to be on Tumblr now.

Otherwise, I may have to give WordPress a try instead of MB. Thanks in advance.