Tumblr cross-posting is formatting with HTML

I cross-post to eilloh.tumblr.com but it isn’t working. The posts all have HTML formatted into them, it looks pretty awful. How do I fix this?

Sorry, I wish I knew why this happens. We have hit this a number of times and it seems to only happen to certain Tumblr accounts and not others. It doesn’t happen to me when I test with my Tumblr account, and I can’t find any Tumblr settings that control this. :slightly_frowning_face:

If this rings a bell for anyone who has used Tumblr, please post a comment. I’m not aware of a work-around but I feel like there must be one.

I wonder (though I have no idea why this would impact the API) if this is based on what editor is set by default for new posts:

I have this weird feeling if you set Rich Text as the default for posts it’s not going to do well with incoming Markdown or HTML content.

Good find. I feel like it has to be something related to that. However, I can’t find a blog or global setting for that. The setting appears to be for each post, and we do set “HTML” when cross-posting.

I ran a couple more tests this morning and it keeps working just fine for me.

A little more info: I noticed that when requesting the list of blogs from Tumblr, it does return default_post_format = markdown for my account. I’m sure @jsonbecker’s right that when it’s failing, the default must be set to rich text.

But it sounds like I can’t change this setting? From rich text to markdown? So for now, there is nothing I can do to fix this, is that right?

I’m sorry, I’m stumped on this one too. I don’t know if it’s a Tumblr bug or something that just affects specific accounts based on past settings. I will look at it again and try to figure out if there’s anything we can do.

I suspect it’s holding on to your settings from when you log into Tumblr and literally try creating a new post there. I have it set to Markdown mode there.