Tumblr cross-posting is formatting with HTML

I cross-post to eilloh.tumblr.com but it isn’t working. The posts all have HTML formatted into them, it looks pretty awful. How do I fix this?

Sorry, I wish I knew why this happens. We have hit this a number of times and it seems to only happen to certain Tumblr accounts and not others. It doesn’t happen to me when I test with my Tumblr account, and I can’t find any Tumblr settings that control this. :slightly_frowning_face:

If this rings a bell for anyone who has used Tumblr, please post a comment. I’m not aware of a work-around but I feel like there must be one.

I wonder (though I have no idea why this would impact the API) if this is based on what editor is set by default for new posts:

I have this weird feeling if you set Rich Text as the default for posts it’s not going to do well with incoming Markdown or HTML content.

Good find. I feel like it has to be something related to that. However, I can’t find a blog or global setting for that. The setting appears to be for each post, and we do set “HTML” when cross-posting.

I ran a couple more tests this morning and it keeps working just fine for me.

A little more info: I noticed that when requesting the list of blogs from Tumblr, it does return default_post_format = markdown for my account. I’m sure @jsonbecker’s right that when it’s failing, the default must be set to rich text.

But it sounds like I can’t change this setting? From rich text to markdown? So for now, there is nothing I can do to fix this, is that right?

I’m sorry, I’m stumped on this one too. I don’t know if it’s a Tumblr bug or something that just affects specific accounts based on past settings. I will look at it again and try to figure out if there’s anything we can do.

I suspect it’s holding on to your settings from when you log into Tumblr and literally try creating a new post there. I have it set to Markdown mode there.

I think I might have found the setting we’re looking for? In the “Dashboard” section of settings there is a “Text Editor” setting.

Though I haven’t yet tested whether this fixes the cross-posting HTML issue, as I was facing it too, and initially mine was set to the rich text editor. Will test now!

No luck :confused: seems it posted as HTML but all the HTML was sanitised? Also seems odd that it selected HTML as the text editor when I selected Markdown in the settings. :thinking:

Oh that’s too bad it didn’t work! Thanks for the idea though, it’s good to see what folks have tried.

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That sounded hopeful! Thanks for trying it. I’m going to try to reach out to Tumblr support and mention some of what has been discovered here because it really seems like a bug or missing setting in Tumblr.

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