Truncated posts in newsletters

Is it possible to send truncated posts in newsletters. I am thinking that if one has a number of long form posts in a newsletter, that instead of having a potentially very long newsletter, there are simply previews to long posts with links to the full post.

If it is possible, please could someone nudge me in the direction to “how?”, something which is very definitely beyond me.

Thanks in advance!


There’s no preference for it, but I think it could be done with custom CSS to truncate each post after a certain number of lines. I haven’t tested this myself and it may not work in all web browsers / email clients, though.

Baking this functionality into makes sense in the long run.

Thank you Manton. I’ll probably wait until this functionality is in, but if I do play with CSS it is good to know that it might not work with all web browsers / email clients.

This would be similar to the partial feed vs. full feed in RSS readers, right? @crossingthethreshold, any reason you want people to click through to your blog apart from having a long newsletter? I prefer to read in full even if it’s long.

I have set up my newsletter to go out once a month and contain long form posts from the previous month. I currently don’t know how many that will be, but I saw the possibility of people receiving very long emails and being put off reading anything. So I thought of truncated posts (title and a few lines), to give readers a taste of what was in store for each post and then they could decide whether to click through to read the whole article.

I’m pleased to see that you are comfortable with long emails. Maybe others are as well and this is an unfounded concern from my side? It is certainly what I’ll be producing in the short term as my CSS skills in no way stretch to truncating posts. So if I do anything, I’ll be waiting on the generosity of this community.

If it goes out once a month, I understand being concerned about its length, especially even if you do two long-form posts a week. I wish there was a shorter period (weekly or biweekly) for sending out long-form posts.

I certainly wish that there were other options, though I recognize that this is early days with the newsletter. I have three weeks to think this through, and while I don’t expect to produce any CSS, I might decide on some other method? :thinking: