Triggering transcript creation

After I uploaded two mini podcasts today, I noticed in the help that only one transcript is generated per day.

Is there a way to trigger creation of a transcript for the post that did not get a transcript created, the next day?

It’s not something I’ve done myself, but I’m pretty sure deleting the audio file from Uploads and uploading it again will trigger a transcription.

If you use the same filename, the final URL should be the same as well, so links to the audio file in the RSS feed, etc. won’t break. At least as long as you make the new upload during the same year, upload URLs look like this:

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Yes, uploading it again the next day will work via Uploads. The MP3 doesn’t actually need to be attached to a blog post yet for the transcription to run. You can rename the upload too if needed, after the old copy is deleted.

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@sod @manton thanks very much. Indeed, I confirm that deleting and re-uploading the audio file in the Uploads section works to have the transcript auto-generated.

One small glitch was, the title was blank. Once I fixed that, it appeared on the /transcripts/ page as expected, and also in a few minutes, was even injected as the “Transcript” link at the bottom of the relevant post, without my having to do any editing. Nice!