Transferring Hosting


I’m transferring from GoDaddy to another host, this is for the site.

The transfer is pending, but is there anything I need to do from my end to ensure my blog keeps working?

Many thanks.

The transfer has gone through, but is no longer working. Could you please advise how to point to the new host?


It sounds like the transfer did not preserve the old DNS records. You’ll want to add these back at the new domain name hosting provider:

A record →
CNAME record for “www” →

Let us know if that doesn’t fix it.

I’ve added those, but not sure if I’ve done it properly. It still isn’t working anyway.

I’ve also followed the directions from my new host.

I’m still not able to get this working. I’ve taken a screenshot of the DNS records I added, but have obviously made an error somewhere.

Hi Ben, on the first one, leave the “name” field blank. It shouldn’t be set to “”. Everything else looks good!

Hi Manton.

It won’t let me leave it blank.

Judging by the rest of your screenshot, it looks like Blacknight wants you to enter @ instead of leaving the field blank.

Cheers sod. I did wonder, but that did the trick. :slight_smile: