Transferring domain from Squarespace to mBlog

Hi ho. I registered my domain ( on SqSp a long time ago but it has been pointed to for years now.

I’d like to move the domain from SqSp to I want to do this so I can close my SqSp account.

For those who know about these things (I don’t; I’m always afraid I’ll lose the domain somehow; that’s why I haven’t moved it before now), would these Squarespace instructions on transferring a domain work for me?

What else would I need to know/do from the side?

As I say – terrified I’m going to goof it up!

Unfortunately we don’t support transferring domain names into yet, just new registrations. This was actually on my list to finish a couple weeks ago, but it’s not ready yet. If you want to wait a couple weeks it will probably be ready. Another option is to transfer the domain to another DNS provider like, (which we use), or DNSimple.

Ah OK, good to know. Thanks, Manton.

I suppose the sensible thing is to transfer it to Hover or Name, since I can control the domain independent of the hosting site.