Transferred domain setup not possible

I transferred my domain to I see in the control panel a message saying “The default records for hosting are not configured for your domain”. However, when I click " Add Records" button, nothing is happening. The same is also happening when I try to add Records using a form and “Add Domain Record Button”. My domain is not working.
What could be the reason for this ?

Did you just sent an email today about this? If so, I just replied! If not, send an email to with which domain name this is for and we’ll fix it.

It appears that transferred domains are not being automatically configured, but it’s a quick fix to update them to use the right name servers. There is the usual delay when updating DNS records, after which it should start working.


Thank you for prompt reply. I have just resend e-mail with domain name.


Manton – I’m having the same problem and have sent 2 or 3 emails to already. It appears that “knows” my domain name, but I continue to get a message that “The default records for hosting are not configured for your domain.”

I’ve fixed this for your account too. Just replied today to your emails!

Thank you so much for fixing a problem related to my account. Everything works fine right now.