Tool Parity Between Feed and "Posts" Pages

In the web-app; the tools available on my Timeline should also be available on the list of my posts.

I was attempting to create a page that gathered together a list of embedded posts from me; in chronological order, and I had to sift through the timeline to grab the embed codes.

What’s more, I think, is that if you have a permalink to a post (whether it is in the timeline, edit view, rendered on the target microblog; or in the posts list) there should be a way to capture that embeddable chunk of text.

From there it seems like you could put a widget on the edit-page form but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Thanks. We do need to improve the between different areas so the options are more consistent.

Are these links rendered on the server? The reason I ask is because there’s really no reason why they’d need to be; that entire area could be provided by a plugin if the plugin had access to the data from the post.

It seems like what you’re going for is a clutter-free browsing experience, in which case you’d only show those controls if the cursor was hovering the post cell - or - if the post cell was the predominant one on the screen (for mobile scrolling)

Got me curious

Plug-ins are purely for changing how your site is built and appears. There are no plug ins that change how the interface works. Although I’m sure someone could use one of those browser “insert scripts on this page with this custom CSS”-style extensions to build a lot of this if they wanted to.