Timeline for new users

New user here, and I’m a bit confused at the Timeline. It threw me a lot of random people because I “wasn’t following anyone”. But the “news” profile says I’m following it - which makes sense as a new-user default.

It would be more consistent if the new user Timeline showed “news” and our own posts. Perhaps preload a few basics like “help” and “status” too. “Discover” would still be easy to find (and the unnecessary duplication made me wonder if it was broken).

I’m honestly loving Micro.blog in every other respect.


What kind of duplication?

“Timeline” was an exact duplicate of “Discover”. Seemed pretty redundant when they’re items in the same short menu.

I got rid of it by following someone, but it does spoil the “new user” experience a bit. “No random stuff on your timeline” is a well-known benefit of the IndieWeb. “Random stuff until you follow someone” is not the worst possible option, but if that is Micro.blog’s intended behaviour: I suggest it shouldn’t be. That’s all.

That’s strange and unexpected. Timeline is only posts and replies from the people you follow but Discover is hand-curated and features posts from people you don’t follow and from even from those you follow. Very rarely will it be exact (if you are following the exact same people who are featured on Discover that day).