Timeline Display of >600 Character Short Posts

Hmm… for some reason I thought that this >600 character title-less post would be formatted as usual (hyperlink to the @-username and linked text, line breaks, blockquote) up to the first 600 characters and then truncate with a link to the full post on my site.

Probably y’all have thought through this further than I have about the constraints and other issues this might introduce, but it sure would be nice to be more confident about how things will appear on the timeline.

This is…okay, but not really what I intended. Not sure, for example, if @Denny gets pinged as a Mention in cases like this:


Funnily enough, if I had done the whole thing as a reply rather than a post, it would have solved all the above “issues” on the timeline, just not have had as prominent a home on my blog.

If it is > 600, then it will display the way it shows up at your end and in a way where all HTML is stripped out (I’m told this is a Hugo thing and not Micro.blog thing) and so nope, anyone mentioned in that text or rest of the post doesn’t get notified. The MB timeline UI/UX has frustrated me the most and I’ve come to realize that things are a certain way because that’s how Manton prefers it. I can’t argue with that since he owns the platform.

Hugo generated summaries and truncating automatically strips HTML and this cannot be overridden. Manton would have to build a separate template to use under these conditions to have more control. And that might be pretty tricky to be honest.

Gotcha. That’s an understandable limitation, if still a bit of a bummer. Guess I’ll try to stick to my usual rule of not exceeding the character limit, and just breaking things into replies if I need more room.