Themes for Single-Page site

Would there be a collection of themes for single-page sites that users can install directly and then do their customization? Not sure what type of code you can use in the “home page text” box. I see that HTML and javascript work, but would other Hugo code?

I can envision the design to be different than regular blogs because this would be a landing page site that would direct users to other sources for more content.

All of the existing themes should work for single-page sites too. The text using the “Custom home page” text is just like a blog post, so it doesn’t support Hugo tags. But you’re right, a custom theme could provide more options to customize the home page.

It would be great to have plug-ins that are specially for single-page sites. I’m not aware of any right now, though.

I think the only “effective” plug-ins, other than themes, would be those with shortcodes. Short codes are expanded in posts/pages, so that would be a way to provide a lot of functionality to a single page.

Good point. Shortcodes could be a good solution if a plug-in wants to make available options that can be copy/pasted right into the home page.