The web "New Post" page needs basic features, please!


I used the “New Post” site on the web and always get annoyed that it even lags basic features, so today I decided to open that post and hope @manton hears me and can plan something for the future.

Pre-Info: I’m on Windows, so a “Use the Mac-Version, doesn’t help here”. :slight_smile:

  • Quick Buttons to add an image with Markdown Syntax
    • Image upload from that screen and inserting the link to the uploaded image on the cursor
  • Formatting selected text (bold, italic, back to normal, code, pre…)

In addition, the “Uploads” site only support uploading one file at a time, when I try to upload 3 images for a post I write, I need to do this 3 times.

So to recap, the New Post section needs some kind of basic Markdown Editor (It doesn’t have to be a full blown WordPress or similar editor!, but basics please!)

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+1 to this. I would love to have an improved editor for new posts. Writing long posts is tedious with the current one.


Agree, it’s a bit too basic in 2022 and that specifically disincentivizes new users.

I hear the feedback, thanks!

One of the guys I brought over here a few weeks ago expressed his frustration with not having some basic buttons, and for instance not knowing that two spaces before hitting return will create a line break (he was trying to format some poetry correctly). Just passing along the comment. I love MB, but I can see that people not familiar with markdown and not have a Mac (for using MarsEdit) might be frustrated.