The web "New Post" page needs basic features, please!


I used the “New Post” site on the web and always get annoyed that it even lags basic features, so today I decided to open that post and hope @manton hears me and can plan something for the future.

Pre-Info: I’m on Windows, so a “Use the Mac-Version, doesn’t help here”. :slight_smile:

  • Quick Buttons to add an image with Markdown Syntax
    • Image upload from that screen and inserting the link to the uploaded image on the cursor
  • Formatting selected text (bold, italic, back to normal, code, pre…)

In addition, the “Uploads” site only support uploading one file at a time, when I try to upload 3 images for a post I write, I need to do this 3 times.

So to recap, the New Post section needs some kind of basic Markdown Editor (It doesn’t have to be a full blown WordPress or similar editor!, but basics please!)


+1 to this. I would love to have an improved editor for new posts. Writing long posts is tedious with the current one.


Agree, it’s a bit too basic in 2022 and that specifically disincentivizes new users.

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I hear the feedback, thanks!

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One of the guys I brought over here a few weeks ago expressed his frustration with not having some basic buttons, and for instance not knowing that two spaces before hitting return will create a line break (he was trying to format some poetry correctly). Just passing along the comment. I love MB, but I can see that people not familiar with markdown and not have a Mac (for using MarsEdit) might be frustrated.


I would like to bring this up again and maybe ask for a status…

@manton I see that you do a lot of things in the background, especially regarding APub and Mastodon and stuff. Please try Micro.Blog as a Windows user on a desktop PC for 2 weeks and try to publish blog posts with some images or photos.
Yes I have an iPhone and use the official app there for posting as well, but my main use case these days is sharing screenshots on my M.B. and this all happens on a Windows PC. :pray:

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That is good feedback, thank you. It has been a while since I used with Windows. We are still planning on improving the web new post editor, which should help Windows and any platform.


Newbie here and would love these features as well! I saw your post today re feature requests so bump :slight_smile: @manton

definitely a plus one for this one, as well; while I love markdown, sometimes I either forget the symbols, or I just want to click around if I’m in a hurry, say.

We’ll be working on this. Thanks!

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