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I started an import on my test-blog yesterday, 2200+ posts + photos, and I saw some errors when I looked at the log after a few hours. Today, the import seem to be complete and I wanted to fix the errors before importing into my main site, but the log is “only” listing item from 21:32 yesterday and I think I started the import around 14:00 so I’m missing a part of the log. Is there some trick to see the whole import log so I can fix the entries.

(I think that the one I noticed was that importing of png files failed, but I’m not sure)

Unfortunately no, the log file is limited to the most recent 1000 lines. Older messages are automatically cleared. It’s usually safe to run a blog import multiple times because it will just update any existing posts if the URL is included in the import, so you might want to just run the import again and make note of the messages.

Maybe for file import we should preserve either more log lines, or preserve them if there was an error.

Also, if the message was about importing PNGs, most likely a previous URL for a PNG file couldn’t be downloaded by, maybe because it was no longer on the web. If that happens, you’ll probably need to upload a copy of the PNG manually and then edit the blog post to point to it.

The log is good as a progress bar, to see that something actually happens. But the only items that are of real interest to me are the errors. Since I don’t know how difficult things are to implement, please take this suggestions for what it’s worth: a simple counter “importing nr X” would solve the progress bar info for me personally, and then a list of errors below.

Unfortunately, there is no URL info so I probably need to redo the whole import. And I thought I uploaded the PNGs, I’ll need to check when I get home. So, I suspect one post but there might be more entries that have problems.

But showing just the error messages would be a huge improvement for me.

Good feedback, thank you. We’ll improve this.

Did you add the “errors tab” or am I just blind. Anyway, this works perfectly for my needs.

Yep, just added that today! Improved a few things with logging partly based on this discussion.

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Thanks. Already discovered and, hopefully, fixed two error with the help of the error tab!!