Ten (10) feed source limit increase possible?

Under Account > Edit Sources & Cross-posting, there appears to be a ten (10) feed limit. I am running into this limitation as an issue for my desired aggregation usage of micro.blog. I have four Mastodon accounts that I’m importing to micro.blog and to my timeline, as well as a weblog. This maxes out my feed allowance and I was forced to delete the micro.blog feed altogether so now my timeline misses any actual micro.blog posts I create.

I am wondering on the feasibility of increasing this limitation, or if there is a good reason, any better ideas than what I’m doing for the desired aggregation in both my timeline and on micro.blog.

P.S. first time help post–hello, all, and thanks for any help and suggestions!

Wow, I had forgotten we had that 10 feed limit! Sorry about that. I’ve now bumped it up to 15 feeds as a quick fix.

I think we wanted some kind of limit to discourage spammers from adding a bunch of feeds, but what you’re doing should definitely work, and this will probably become more common as people have lots of social network accounts. We can likely increase the limit again later.


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