Teams supports multi-user blogs, so your whole team can write posts on a shared blog. It’s great for small companies, families, and schools, with everything from shared photo blogs to podcasts.

To upgrade a blog, click on “Plans” and choose “Upgrade to Teams”.

When you upgrade a blog to the teams subscription, a new “People” tab will appear in Here you can give existing accounts access to post to the blog, or you can invite new people. Team members can publish new posts, edit existing posts, upload files, manage categories, and more.

When someone is added to a team blog, that blog shows up as an additional blog on the web or in the native iOS and macOS apps. A single account can have access to any number of blogs and podcasts.

To change which blog you are posting to:

  • In for the web, click New Post → Switch Site.
  • In for iOS and macOS, click on the hostname at the bottom of the new post screen.

The teams plan is a $20/month subscription with unlimited users. It also includes podcasting and video hosting. If you invite someone who doesn’t already have a account, will give them immediate access to the team blog without prompting them to create their own microblog or sign up for a paid subscription.

Theme parameters

The Marfa design has a place in the footer of each post that shows the author of that post. Other custom themes may need modifications if you want to include author information. adds the following Hugo parameters when processing your blog:


If the blog is not a team blog, these parameters will be blank. You can check whether the author is available, and then fall back on the blog’s default author:

{{ if }}
  <p>{{ }}</p>
{{ else }}
  <p>{{ }}</p>
{{ end }}

For more about custom themes, see this help page.

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