Switching domains and retaining comments

Does anyone know of a way to switch domain names and still retain replies on your blog? I just want to make sure I’m not missing some secret way of making it work. Thanks!

I don’t think switching domain names should affect replies. Can you explain a little more about what you’re concerned about?

Sure, I’m thinking about switching from frostedechoes.com to frostedechoes.net. Whenever I’ve changed the domain previously, the existing replies no longer showed up on my blog. Only replies from after I switched the domain showed up. Hope that helps.


Yeah, even I have lost all the webmentions whenever I switched the domains – this was before I was hosting with Micro.blog. And given all comments (replies) are webmentions, I can see how that happens. Given that Micro.blog is also the receiving service for webmentions and one that knows of the domain change, it may also change the URL it queries for fetching webmentions whenever the domain changes.

@manton can confirm how big a change it is though. Or if it already does that :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s interesting, I see what you mean now… When showing replies on your blog, it uses the URL of the blog post to find replies to it. So, when changing domain names, if the old URLs aren’t updated, I can see how this would happen. However, I think I’ve fixed any bugs related to not updating URLs, so it should work.

If you try this and notice any problems, let me know and I’m sure it’s something I can update. The disconnect between web pages and their replies shouldn’t be permanent.

Thank you, sir! I went ahead and changed the domain, but the replies only showed up on the first post with responses.