Support for Passkeys?

I’m not sure where this question belongs. It’s not necessarily for developers but it’s just wonky enough that I couldn’t find a topic area in the Help Center where it fit real well.

I’m just curious if has considered implementing support for Passkeys when logging into the site? I’m noticing more widespread adoption recently, including Google, where I can log in with Face ID on iPhone and a thumbprint on a MacBook. I can see how the current process of clicking a link in your email is pretty secure if your email is secure, but it also adds some additional steps for the user.

I tend to use the web site a lot. Although the apps are great, not all features are available yet, so I use my browser to access several times per day. It wouldn’t be as big of a deal if I wasn’t so privacy minded, but I tend to surf in either incognito mode or clear my browser cache pretty frequently. This creates the need to login several times per day when cookies are cleared or the session ends. Passkeys would streamline the login for users in a very secure way.

Recently when I logged out of the iPhone app I saw “Sign up with Apple”. Is this maybe a sign that “Sign in with Apple” may be coming? Anywhere else on the web, a “Sign in with Apple” (and even as of last month - “Sign in with Google”) causes the Passkey request if you have it setup properly. I think allowing sign-in from either of those sites would probably cover most people, but I also don’t know anything about how this sort of thing is implemented or if it makes sense for, but I wanted to ask. Thanks.

cc: @manton

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Yes, we’ve been looking into Passkeys and plan to support it. I also want to add Sign in with Apple on the web version of Thanks!

Because Apple’s WWDC is just around the corner in a couple of weeks, we’ll wait to see if there are any changes announced there and then move forward with whatever makes the most sense.

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