Support for Apple Podcasts Transcripts

Are you going to add support for Apple Podcasts transcription (which would require an option to opt out of MB transcript generation I guess) ?

There are two ways to have transcripts in Apple Podcasts:

  1. Have Apple automatically generate them for you. This should work for your podcast today, as long as you fulfill Apple’s requirements and make the right settings in Apple Podcast Connect.
  2. Provide your own transcripts (generated by in VTT or SRT format via RSS. This is something @manton has to add support for. Or, possibly, a third-party developer via a plug-in. That would be a little tricky, though.

I know of one hosted podcast, Your Daily Lex, that has option 1, Apple’s automatically generated transcripts, up and running:

I was looking at my podcasts and the transcript is a URL to my transcript on MB.

You’re probably seeing the transcript link that’s part of the episodes blog post/show notes. That’s just an ordinary link that happens to point to the automatic transcript done by It has nothing to do with the new feature of Apple Podcasts.

Should we update our podcast feeds to include transcripts for Apple? Seems like a good idea. That way if you edit an automatic transcript in, it will be updated in Apple Podcasts too, hopefully.

Sorry, I see now that the format for transcripts is more advanced than our transcripts, so doesn’t look like we can support it. For now, transcripts can exist on your blog, and Apple can continue to offer its own transcripts from their app.