Suggestion: New user onboarding

I am new here.

By way of accident, discovered “Welcome” ( from I think “Welcome” is a very helpful page. But it is not easily discoverable from the website and I even missed it in the Help Center (just saw it). The ToC in Help Center shows welcome video, but I skipped video intros.

Would be useful if Welcome page was loudly mentioned in the welcome email.

Better yet, personally, I think many of the content in “Welcome” deserve to be on the root page. The additional text would not slow down the page load much.

Also, happened to manually discover This and might be useful if easily discoverable on the website somewhere (maybe footer or in nav).


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Thanks for this, I didn’t know that page existed, and it’s helpful!

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Good points. I almost wonder if we should “pin” the welcome or news blogs to the top of the main page for a little while, like for the first week after joining

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That’s a great idea!

Also for people who have logged in for the first time in X number of months/years? I’ve seen more than one post in which people basically say “I signed up a while ago, and now I feel motivated to see what is about.”

Maybe the About section of the profiles for the Help and News accounts could be updated, not only with some additional relevant info but also as a temporary space for urgent messages; short announcements and the like, as you might do if you could pin posts to a profile page.

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