Subscribing to a feed on Pixelfed

It’s possible to subscribe to a from Mastodon. It’s fairly transparent and users can interact with the posts just like they would any other—though by design users can’t participate fully in the Mastodon conversation and interactions. e.g. likes and boosts.

Is the same supposed to be possible with Pixelfed?

I am able to subscribe to a feed in Pixelfed, however the feed is completely empty…

Usually with Mastodon if a server doesn’t have any posts cached yet, it will appear empty, but then as soon as new posts are added they will start flowing in. I expect the same for Pixelfed. Let us know if it eventually doesn’t fill in with new posts. I’m going to test this too.

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I’m following my with my Pixelfed account as a test. I think I’ve already posted since I started following it, but there will definitely be another this morning. So far there’s still nothing in the feed.

Is the empty feed on Mastodon an issue with being the first follower or something? Ie if you’re the first no posts are shown but if the account is followed by others on your server you’ll see posts?

I’m not sure on the technical specifics, but it makes it difficult to know if you want to follow someone if you can’t see their posts…

The new post went up to, but I still see nothing when subscribed via pixelfed.

@manton An update: I still see nothing on PixelFed when I subscribe to my

This still seems to be an issue - I can’t see my photo posts from my Pixelfed account.

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