Strange entries from Mastodon interactions

Hello there :wave:
I’ve raised this to help@ last week, but I thought I’d ask the community while I wait for a reply.

I have a fairly old account which syndicates my external RSS, and which recently became Mastodon-enabled. First thing I do, of course, is tell some friends. One of them sends a reply, which appears in Micro.Blog. Brilliant!

But things look strange: the message appears not as a reply to the original post, but to a new entry which includes a “” link. The target of the link is a broken absolute URL pointing to + the relative path of the post.

Then this starts happening:

Every few days, an new entry appears on my feed. At the bottom the original post, at #4 the Conversation which includes the reply I mentioned earlier. I’m waiting to remove the extra items until this has been investigate.

Has anyone seen this happen?