Stay logged in in some browsers doesn't work well?

Alls; rather stupid question: I’m using mostly on browsers, desktop and mobile alike. In some, even with cookies allowed for the site, cookies not being deleted on browser exit, …, in some cases (like desktop Firefox on Linux) with restarting the browser window I’m logged out of again and need to re-login via e-mail which is a bit clumsy.
How can I make sure the browser stays logged in reliably? Any idea? :slight_smile:
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In my experience, Safari is the worst at signing you out. It requires using at least once a week or Safari resets everything. I’m surprised this is an issue with Firefox, though.’s sessions are supposed to last 6 months.

Anyone else seeing this in Firefox?

Adding to that: It seems hard to really reproduce. :frowning: Sometimes, I have to re-login twice a day, sometimes (as it is the case now) it stays logged in for almost a week and counting. No idea…

Just to add a data point and maybe help in troubleshooting. I rarely use Firefox (mostly for development) but fired it up right now and my session was still active. Inspecting the session cookie, it was created on December 10, 2023, and according to Firefox’s History window, my last visit to (before today) was December 17.

This was on macOS 14.4 running Firefox 123.01.