Spotify Sharing to Twitter

Hi everyone - I was testing out the, really great so far! I was wondering, I can share Spotify music links in my but they don’t cross-post (the spotify embeds) to Twitter. Is there a different way I should be sharing songs in Spotify so they show up?


Embeds a tricky-- often HTML blocks are stripped from cross posting because that’s not something Twitter really accepts natively. Embeds also frequently won’t show up in the timeline. What I sometimes do, and this is admittedly hacky, is just post the link to something like Spotify initially. On cross post, using open graph stuff, that share will be like a native platform share places like Twitter. Then I’ll edit my post to do the embed code so that on my blog, the post looks how I want.

Ah I see and that makes sense. I noticed something similar, when I made a link to a Spotify song it appeared in Twitter how I would have imagined it should (native platform share as you mentioned). Thanks for the input! I’m still poking around with Micro blog to see if / how best I’d like to use it.