Spam emails from

I’ve started using the newsletter feature on one of my blogs and noticed that I have also started to receive emails from with the subject line “Your email requires verification verify#(random string of characters)”. The emails seem to also reference an email address (the one that is used to send out my newsletter).

Has something happened server-side or is this just a random issue?

It sounds like spammers are sending an email to your email address. Emails received by to that address are forwarded to you via, so it essentially looks like the spam is coming from This is really annoying but not sure if we can do anything about it except try to flag spam ourselves and not forward it.

For now, I would just ignore those emails. If they are frequent, let me know.

Ah, that’s a shame. I was able to create a Gmail filter that sends only those particular emails to the bin so they’re at least not crowding up my inbox now.