Space section needs more emojis

As a professional space exploration writer, I have a few suggestions for the space section, which is currently weak IMO.

  1. The space section should also include the emojis :milky_way:, :ringer_planet:, and :artificial_satellite: by default. There are many space posts on that use these emojis instead of :rocket:, which isn’t always apt. The space section would surface better posts with more relevant emojis included.
  2. Having only the :rocket: emoji also leads to false positives for the section as people tend to use it as an expression of excitement when launching their non-space product or things of the sort.
  3. The URL for the Space section could also be β€œ” instead of just being β€œ”.

Tagging @Burk here too in case he wants to join the conversation.

What do people here think?

Hey Jatan!

On point one & two I can definitely see a benefit of additional β€œspace” related emoji to cover more posts. Perhaps β€œ:milky_way:” is the most appropriate as it is no specific to a single object. I have added your additional suggestions to the recommendation page.

On point three I would agree that /space is more appropriate for the β€œspace” category rather than /rocket

Thoughts @manton and @jean?

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! Also, keep up the great work on your space writings!


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Hi @uncertainquark @Burk,

Sorry for the delay in responding to this. I’ve been meaning to answer. I agree we need to work on this, and these are good suggestions. It will be a little while before we can get to this, with summer time off in our schedules, but I will make sure we get to it asap.

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