Some bookmarks not archiving full-text

I’ve been using and enjoying the Bookmarks feature. This week I’ve created four bookmarks. Two of them have archived the full-text, which I can then highlight and post, and which sync to Readwise.

The other two have archived pages like this:

The three dots link back to the page itself.

It just happened again. It looks like some domains are being archived and some aren’t.

Here are the bookmarks that are showing the blank page as above:

Do you mind reloading that first one and see if the archived text is there now? I think this might be a delay between when it first tries to archive the web page and when it finishes. However, I have seen at least once where the archive fails and it gets stuck with that “…” like you mentioned above.

Looking at fixing this, or at least providing some kind of fallback when a web page can’t be archived.

I just checked and the archived text is there for the first one now. The others were bookmarked earlier and still are showing the same failure screen. It’d be good for that page to indicate that an archive was attempted and failed, and note if it will retry in the future.

I’ve made a couple more improvements to this. If you reload the Bookmarks page, it should have new links to the archived pages and successfully archived them. There was a glitch with some types of web page images that would trip up the archiver.


All archived now! Thank you!

I spoke too soon; now my Highlights page is broken. Here’s a screenshot:

Oops, should be fixed now. When the links are re-downloaded it lost the association with any highlights that were already created. Let me know if you see any other problems.

Fixed, thanks!