So how do custom templates and theme-plugins work together?

In the old world using themes and customizing them worked like this:

  1. you selected a theme from the design page
  2. you edited and created a custom theme and made changes in it that in turn overwrote the themes templates
  3. you selected your custom theme on the design page to apply it to your blog

This is a great workflow, because there is a distinction between the design itself and alterations made by the user.

In the new world it seems to be working like this?

  1. install a theme from the plugins page
  2. on the design page, your design is set to blank
  3. edit custom themes: duplicate the custom theme created by the plugin (?)
  4. in design set your custom theme to your duplicate of the plugin-theme
  5. make your changes, etc.

I feel like from a user’s perspective this workflow is worse, not least because a user’s templates and a plugin-theme’s templates are all custom templates now. But maybe I have misunderstood how to use custom themestemplates with theme-plugins?


I think you’re right, this is a limitation I’m working on fixing. When a plug-in provides a full theme, it should ideally function like it used to. I’ll try to get this change rolled out in the next few days.

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