Skip posting on M.b timeline, but still cross-post

I wonder if it would be possible to skip publishing the content of a blog to the timeline and still cross-post it to another social network.

For instance, I have, which I would like to share on Mastodon and Bluesky but skip the timeline because I don’t think it’s the kind of content for I would rather have my personal blog on my timeline.

Does it make sense?


I agree with that. A while ago, I talked about it in a reply to @manton.

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No, it’s not possible today. Cross-posting is currently tied to the timeline.

But if you’re okay with third-party solutions, you can use a service like @rknightuk’s EchoFeed.

I know it’s not possible. I’m aware of the current implementation (or limitations). But I wonder if it would be possible (with small changes in M.b’s side). The idea is to start a conversation for a change in M.b’s implementation.

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Ah, sorry, I misread your question.

It’s possible in theory, but @manton recently described the cross-posting part of the code as a can of worms, so… maybe not tomorrow? :sweat_smile:

Right. My understanding is “not possible” and “unlikely” on a “reasonable” time frame.

I also don’t think something is “bad” for the timeline. Who would find it to follow and how? And would it be bad if someone did find it and like it?

The timeline is really just another way to follow a site like RSS. I wouldn’t overthink it.

I think this originated from a need to not share everything with that may “harsh the mellow,” aka’s general vibe. I still want to post it to my blog, which is hosted on My posts on politics have led to uncomfortable situations, but I don’t want to stop myself from posting about it (coz it’s my blog, right?), so the next best thing I could do is to spare them from reading it.


The sources page and automatic crossposting is one thing. I imagine the easiest implementation of this idea is putting the manual crosspost button on draft/scheduled posts. It would only work on web but allow folks to skip their timeline or manually crosspost and then schedule out their automatic posting.

In a way, this is the same problem I experience here. In my case, I don’t want the posts in Portuguese, which are in a separate blog, being posted to my main feed in English.

I second this. I want to post about things of importance to me, to save to my blog, but I don’t always want it all up on everyone’s face. If someone finds it and wants to comment, so be it! But I don’t want to spam everyone with pics of my kids daily, (for example), or a bunch of random stream of consciousness posts, etc. The current setup of requiring timeline posting if has actually hindered me from posting more times than I can count.

I have just today made a workaround by creating a category called “Timeline” and only posting to that when I don’t care if it’s spread far and wide. That category’s RSS is now my main blog feed for the timeline and cross posting. I am having some trouble though, since images don’t seem to get cross-posted by using the category RSS. Hoping this is fixed soon.