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Hi! I’m considering building a new site on Before I jump too far in, I’m curious if there’s a place to find examples of other public sites that are hosted on

And, if I’m on a site that I suspect might be a, is there a definitive way to know if that site is hosted on Is there perhaps some telltale sign in the home page source?

We should have a showcase of blogs. Here are some different ones that show some of the variety in design:

Blogs hosted on usually have an About, Photos, and Archive page. Also a /feed.json. If you view the HTML source, there will be several <link> tags that include “” too.

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I’ve just migrated my long-form blog to It’s not a typical layout (it’s not even micro), but can maybe give a sense for how flexible can be with its content:

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Nice, thanks for sharing that @jemmons! Looks great.

Thank you for sharing, @jemmons. This is great!

Adding - that is my version of a GREAT design that @pimoore has done based on original work by Pat Drysburg